BiBi the Vinyl Art Toy!

Created by Rap1993

The cheeky little chibi bear that goes on adventures with you!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Final Bibi Update
about 1 month ago – Tue, Nov 02, 2021 at 06:51:13 AM

Well everyone, we finally reached the end of this project so I’m going to consider this the final update.

All orders have been shipped and everyone who had the Straight Shooter Tier and higher has been refunded! If you haven’t received your order or refund yet, please let me know!

And since this will be the last update, I just want to thank everyone who backed this campaign and helped fund my first vinyl toy. I’ve learned quite a lot with this project and hosting a Kickstarter campaign, and despite everything that has happened with the representative that basically scammed me, this will not stop me from making more Bibi toys as I plan on making future releases of her and new figures 😊

Thank you for everyone who came along for the ride, you are all amazing 💕

BiBi will begin to ship soon!
about 2 months ago – Sat, Oct 09, 2021 at 10:00:18 PM

Hi everyone! This is an update letting you all know that BiBi will be shipping within the next 5 days or so! I’m going through the orders right now and preparing the orders to begin being packed for shipping next week! As for the partial refund for those who ordered Bibi, I will begin giving the partial refund starting next weekend for everyone who ordered a Bibi toy through Kickstarter.

I’ll make an update once all the toys have shipped and then when the refunds begin rolling out, please let me know if your card isn’t valid anymore so I can find another method to refund you!

We’re almost to the end of this journey and despite what’s happened, I’m so happy that BiBi will be with you all soon 💕

Also, here’s the pic of the keychain standee I made for everyone who ordered Bibi 😊

BiBi Toys Status + Shipping Update
3 months ago – Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 07:49:29 PM

Hello everyone, thank you for your patience. I have an update in regards to BiBi shipping, however, I have some not very good news caused an unforeseen issue I did not anticipate…this will be a lengthy update so please bear with me as I want to be as transparent as possible.

To start, I inspected all the toys from my order of BiBi, and a high good number of the toys have defects. From painting issues, damage to the vinyl, misprinted boxes, incorrect coloring, a lot of the toys that I have ordered aren’t at the quality that I was expecting for Bibi, especially for the main variant where one of her legs are a slightly different color than the rest of her body. To say that I am truly disappointed is an understatement as I was led to believe I would be getting perfect professionally made toys and did not get that with BiBi, however, the reason for these issues is something that has made the situation into something that I wasn’t prepared for….

The representative who I was assigned to work with for the company that I had chosen went behind the companies back to have my toys produced by another company without my consent and was fired from the company mid production, the only way I found out is because I was emailed by a separate representative checking in to see if I was still interested with their services. When I spoke with the second representative, they could not locate my order anywhere and as if it never existed with them. No molds for BiBi, no records of my sample being made by them, not even records of payment for my first sample despite paying directly to their company, meaning from the start of producing BiBi was not made by my chosen company. Due to the representative not working with me to resolve the issues with my order or come clean with their dishonesty, I had to resort to opening a dispute on the company to hopefully get my money back. And while I somewhat did, I was only able to get back only a small portion of what I paid for the main order, and the representative did not face any repercussions for their actions either. While I waited the results of the dispute, I started to talk to a representative who still worked at the company I was supposed to work with to see if there’s anyway I could possibly have this order remade, but due to them not receiving anything of BiBi or her molds, I would have to start from the very beginning and along with new samples and with their prices being much different than what I was originally quoted from the past representative. Overall I would have to pay far more out of pocket to get samples and to have BiBi remade, so in the end, I had to let go of the possibility to get the order remade without a serious loss.

So for the past few weeks as I dealt with the dispute, I started to think of a solution as to what to go forward to rectify the problem. The best solution I’ve come up with is to repackage all the Bibi toys due to the misprinted boxes, reinspect my order a second time to find as many BiBi’s as I can with the least visible defects, and use the refunded money to give every backer who bought Bibi a partial refund of $15 for each BiBi they ordered and a keychain that is exclusive to the backers who bought BiBi in this Kickstarter. As for the rest of the toys with more visible defects, there will be sold as B and C-Grade toys at a lower cost.

But regardless of everything, I want to truly and deeply apologize to everybody who had ordered Bibi and the issues I’ve been facing so far with this process. I am taking full responsibility for everything that has happened as everyone who has supported this Kickstarter put their trust in to me to deliver a quality product and I feel that I was not able to give you what was expected of me. Moving on from here, I have cut ties with the previous representative and will look to possibly working with the original company from here on out and any possible future releases of Bibi.

I’ll begin working on shipping out orders and giving the partial refunds later September once I finish the two cons I have and as for those who don’t have a Bibi toy, your orders are in the process of shipping and should be getting a shipping notification soon. Since there are still people who haven’t responded to their surveys, please respond to your survey so that your order can be shipped.

If there are any further questions you’d like to ask, please email me at

I’ll be sure to make an update for when BiBi is shipped.

Bibi shipments will be delayed!
4 months ago – Wed, Aug 04, 2021 at 08:28:38 PM

Hello everyone! Just a quick update I wanted to make in regards to shipping out orders, due to an unexpected delay, orders that have  Bibi will be pushed back to later this month to September until this delay is resolved. I was hoping to get the shipping started before my next convention, but it seems unlikely at the moment 😅 However, orders withiut Bibi, will still be able to be shipped normally and I will work on those instead

I will however, I will keep everyone who ordered Bibi posted on when she’s ready to ship! Please be patient just a little longer!

Bibi has arrived!!
4 months ago – Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 04:44:08 PM

Major update! Bibi has arrived here safe and sound! Once I get back from the current con I’m at, I’ll go through the toys and prepare to ship your orders hopefully starting next week 💕

By the way! Your pledges address will be locked in in TWO DAYS! Please confirm your shipping address and finalize any orders you may have because once I lock on your order, it won’t be modifiable!

As for those who still haven’t completed your Backerkit surveys, please get this completed or I can’t ship your order!!

I’ll keep you guys posted when shipping will begin!